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Everquest 1 EQ1 Official Site

SOE EQ Forums EQ Forums

EQPlayers EQ1 Players site

SOE EQ1 Support Forums EQ Tech Support Boards

Everquest 2 EQ2 Official Site

Everquest 2 Forums EQ2 Official Forums

Allakhazam's EQ1 No longer owned by or affiliated with Allakhazam

EQ1 Allakhazam's Forum The most active EQ forum. Seriously.

Allakhazam's EQ2

EQ2 Allakhazam's Forum Mostly dead but friendly forum admins!

EQTraders EQ1 Tradeskill Info. One of the best sites and still kicking

EQ Atlas New host for Muse's EQ1 maps

MapFiend in-game maps EQ1 in-game map files

EQ1 expansion info

EQ1 gear set info

EQ1 Zone / Level Chart Hunting Guide

Caster's Realm Multigame General Info. EQ, WoW, etc.

EQ Vault Part of IGN

EQInterface (UI mods for EQ) Custom UI Bible

Savok's Vert UI The old concerthall website, now just a drop site for VertUI.

Lucy Spell Info

Magelo EQ and WoW Character Profiles

Borek-VS (SOE Forums) Link Compilation Copy of The Newbie Zone and other useful info!

World of Warcraft

Allakhazam's World of Warcraft

WoW Allakhazam's Forum An unfriendly community at best.

Class-Specific Forums & Guides

Ranger Outriders

Berserker GoBerserker

Clerics EQClerics

EQ Cleric Wiki

Druids The Druid's Grove

Monks Monkly Business Forums

Enchanters The Runes

Necromancer Necro Talk

Shaman The Shaman's Crucible

Paladin Paladins of Norrath

Rogue The Safehouse

Shadowknight Evilgamer

Warrior The Steel Warrior

Wizard Graffe's Wizard Forums

Wizard EQ Wizards

Mobhunter EQ? Fan News / Moorgard's blog. Mostly dead.

Item Haste Table EQ1 antiquated haste item info, surprisingly alive.

Compendium of haste data Antiquated haste info ---> EQu Defunct Server Status Monitor ---> Pasketti's Log Parser defunct

EQ Companion RT Log Parser. Site is alive, not sure if it still works with EQ Live --->The Quon Defunct Humor Forum --->The Ranger's Glade Dead --->EQ'lizer Defunct: General Info --->Planet EQ Defunct: General Info

Stratics EQ site Not updated since 2007 --->Everlore Dead: General Info

Fashion Tables (not SoL models) Still works... Fasion pages from back when you could look different in Everquest ---> Sold to Chinese RMT

Innoruuk (Nameless) Forums Sadly, dead

The EQ Lexicon (Down)

EQ Moat (Palm based EQ databases) (Down)

Relentless Monks (Exceptional zone guides) (Down)

EQ Worlds (Site Disabled)

EQ Not Crazy (Down)

EQ Loot (Down)

Copeland's EQ stuff; Weapon Analyzer (Down)